PARI Purdue Solutions for a strong safe secure world
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Solutions For A Strong, Safe, Secure World

The Purdue Applied Research Institute (PARI) applies the intellectual capital and
resources of Purdue University to urgent needs in national security, infrastructure
and global development.

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For American Dynamism, Look to Purdue University

Daniel S. Goldin says, "If you really want to see some American Dynamism, look to Purdue in the heartland. In fact, don’t just look – get involved. "

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Microelectronics Lab
Microelectronics technology underpins national security, cutting across critical areas including weapons, information technology, sensing and warning systems, space applications, and more. This lab’s research and development spans design, modeling and simulation, fabrication, characterization, and packaging of novel microelectronic technologies and devices to meet defense needs.
Hypersonics Lab
Work at the 65,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Hypersonics and Applied Research Facility (HARF) includes the Hypersonics Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center (HAMTC), a single location for researchers and industry to collaborate. HARF brings together designing, joining, manufacturing, and testing under one roof. It also houses the HYPULSE shock tunnel and the forthcoming Mach 8 wind tunnel.
Infrastructure Innovation Lab
Civil engineering meets applied research at the renowned Robert L. and Terry L. Bowen Laboratory. This is where the Infrastructure Research and Innovative Solutions team focuses on delivering effective and efficient solutions for next- generation foundations.
Energetics Lab
This lab builds upon Purdue’s strong relationships with the U.S. defense sector by furthering discoveries in energetics materials. It addresses present and future needs in this highly specialized field, supporting the search for more stable, less sensitive, more easily processed materials.
Tech Acceleration and Innovation Lab
Through innovation, research, science, and technology, this lab forges practical development solutions in humanitarian assistance, food security, education and youth development, environment, energy and data science. It includes the Digital Innovation in Agri-food Systems Laboratory, Global Development and Innovation division, the USAID-funded Long-term Assistance and Services for Research Partners for University-Led Solutions Engine, and the University Consortium for Health, Food and Agricultural Resilience.
Offices in Washington D.C. and West Lafayette, Indiana

Featured Program: HAMTC

Hypersonics Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center (HAMTC) is a single location at Purdue for industry partners to work on materials and manufacturing innovations and provide access to testing capabilities at Purdue that would enable the U.S. to overtake near peer adversaries in the field.

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