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Purdue Applied Research Institute

The Purdue Applied Research Institute (PARI) is the non-profit applied research arm of Purdue University.

PARI extends the reach and impact of Purdue’s deep research strengths and top-ranked academic programs in engineering, agriculture, science, and technology. Through PARI, Purdue will advance technologies that are critical to the economic prosperity and security of the U.S. and the world.

PARI will significantly enhance Purdue’s ability to translate discoveries into innovative solutions and services for mission-oriented government, industry, NGO, and foundation partners, through increases in applied research and program personnel, state-of-the-art facilities, and infrastructure. It will also serve as an incubator for advanced development and transition of leading ideas and technology with potential for significant impact through large-scale prototypes, pilots, and start-ups.

Purdue's next moves

PARI, LLC is part of an institutional commitment to advance the University’s competitive advantage in applied research. It will be an agile and responsive organization with an outcome-driven innovation culture, making PARI a partner of choice for delivering programs across three targeted divisions: National Security and Defense, Global Development, and Technology Acceleration.

Each of these divisions include strategic areas of focus that align with deep strengths at Purdue and provide significant opportunity for programmatic growth and impact.

PARI Divisions and Strategic Areas of Focus

National Security and Defense

  • Hypersonics
  • Microelectronics
  • Energetics
  • Cyberphysical Security

Global Development

  • Science, Technology, Innovation, Research (STIR) global development and humanitarian assistance in:
    • Youth and education
    • Digital technology and innovation
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Economic growth

Infrastructure Research and Innovative Solutions

  • Innovation, efficacy, and efficiency in construction of next-gen facilities for:
    • National security and defense application
    • Energy / power infrastructure

Technology Acceleration

  • Initial Platform in Digital Innovation in Agri-Food Systems


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