Mark J. Lewis, PhD

President and CEO

Dr. Mark Lewis is the chief executive officer for the Purdue Applied Research Institute, providing thought leadership and domain expertise across PARI’s national security, global development, infrastructure research, and technology acceleration initiatives to take on our nation’s most challenging problems. With a focus on creating new strategic private-public-academic partnerships, Dr. Lewis connects PARI programs with a broad array of industry, federal agencies, entrepreneurs, and academic collaborators. Previously Dr. Lewis’s distinguished career includes leadership as Executive Director of NDIA’s Emerging Technologies Institute, Director of Defense Research & Engineering in the Department of Defense, Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force, acting Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering, Director of the Science and Technology Policy Institute, and professor emeritus at the University of Maryland, where he served as the Willis Young, Jr., Professor and Chair of the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Laboratory Directors

Amit Varma

Amit H. Varma, PhD
Executive Director, Infrastructure Innovation Laboratory (PIIL)

John Glover

John Glover, PhD
Executive Director, Technology Acceleration and Innovation Laboratory (PTI)

Darren Crum

Darren Crum, PhD
Director, Microelectronics Laboratory (PML)

Technology Leads

Allan Gray

Allan Gray, PhD
Executive Director, DIAL Ventures

Gregory Scofield

Gregory Scofield, PhD
Senior Research Engineer and Hypersonics Business Development Manager

Joe Jewell

Joseph S. Jewell, PhD
Director, HYPULSE Wind Tunnel

Tricia Herndon

Patricia Herndon
Senior Director of Special Projects

Corporate Officers

Kevin C. Massey

Kevin C. Massey, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Gerald “Jerry” Trepkowski
Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Kea Matory

Kea Matory, JD
Chief External Relations Officer

Camilla Shanley

Camilla Shanley
Chief of Staff

Strategic Management Team

Crystal Seibert

Crystal Seibert
Senior Director of Finance

Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans
Director of Security

Evamarie Socha

Evamarie Socha
Senior Director of Communications

Jennifer Freidenberg

Jennifer Freidenberg
Director of Contracts

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