PARI welcomes summer microelectronics interns at WestGate

The Purdue Applied Research Institute Microelectronics Lab Undergraduate Summer Intern Program 2024 Participants are, from left: Bryan Cherry, Max Chen, Nolan Gronowski, Collin Shanks, Landon Garrity, Sawyer Gibson, and Intern Program Lead John Holaday.

ODIN, Ind. – The Purdue Applied Research Institute’s (PARI) Microelectronics Lab recently kicked off its summer undergraduate internship program, welcoming six Purdue University students to
PARI at WestGate in Odon, Indiana.

These interns — Max Chen, Bryan Cherry, Landon Garrity, Sawyer Gibson, Nolan Gronowski and Collin Shanks — come from various engineering disciplines. They are part of a 12-week program that will expose them to opportunities at Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division, and the regional defense industrial base. They are led by Intern Program Lead John Holaday; Darren Crum serves as director of the PARI Microelectronics Lab.

Their student project topics include photonic integrated circuit modeling, radiation-hardened microelectronics testing, thermal modeling of electronics, semiconductor manufacturing metrology and materials characterization, and robotics for semiconductor manufacturing environments.

PARI at WestGate supports the research and education needs of NSWC Crane and the broader Defense Department through funding from the Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering’s Trusted and Assured Microelectronics Program. PARI’s internship program is part of Purdue’s commitment to contributing to the technical workforce pipeline necessary to sustain our national defense.

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